How to get rid of pigeons on balcony?

1. Clean It Up

The first step to getting rid of pigeons on your balcony is to make it less attractive to them. Start by cleaning the balcony thoroughly and removing old furniture, such as broken chairs or tables, that pigeons might use for nesting. This will also help eliminate any food or water sources that pigeons might find attractive. If you have a pressure washer, now’s the time to put it to use. A pressure washer can make quick work of cleaning your balcony, and it’s not just suitable for your balcony – it’s great for cleaning your whole house too! We’ve even got you covered if you’re in the market for a new pressure washer. Check out our review of the 5 best pressure washers on the market to find the perfect one for your household needs.

2. Mix and Spray

Pigeons don’t like strong and unpleasant smells, and this mixture can help you get rid of them. Use a mixture of water, vinegar, chili, and pepper. Combine equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle, and add a pinch of chili and pepper to the mixture. Spray this mixture on the surfaces of your balcony, including ledges and railings, where pigeons like to hang out on. The scent of the vinegar and spices will be unpleasant to these flying creatures and will help keep them away.

3. Get Yourself Some Spikes

Another option for deterring pigeons from your balcony is to install spikes. Spikes are metal or hard plastic rods with sharp points that can be attached to the ledges and railings of your balcony. Pigeons will not be able to land on these surfaces, making it uncomfortable for them to stay on your balcony. Spikes are an effective solution, but they can look a bit unsightly, so they might not be the best choice if you have kids, or you worry that your guests or neighbors might be put off by the appearance.

4. Use a Net

If you prefer a more discreet option, you can try using a net to keep pigeons off your place. A net can be hung over the entire balcony or just over specific areas, such as the railing, to prevent pigeons from landing there. The netting should be made of a material that is strong enough to hold the weight of a bird but light enough to allow air and light to pass through. They are also always really easy to set and can also be washed if they get dirty over time.

5. Get High-Tech

Another option is to use an ultrasonic bird repeller available on Amazon. These devices emit high-frequency sounds that are unpleasant to pigeons but inaudible to humans. When pigeons hear the sounds, they will be discouraged from landing on your balcony. Ultrasonic bird repellers are a humane and effective solution for keeping your flying ”friends” away.

6. Spray Some More!

Bird repeller sprays can also be an effective solution. These sprays contain natural ingredients, such as capsaicin (the active ingredient in chili peppers), that are unpleasant to pigeons as I have mentioned earlier but safe for humans. Simply spray the repeller on your balcony’s surfaces and the pigeons will be discouraged from landing there.

7. Don’t Feed Pigeons!

It might be tempting to feed the pigeons on your balcony, but it’s actually doing more harm than good. Feeding pigeons can be dangerous for them and those around them, as it can attract other birds and create a messy and unhygienic environment. Additionally, most species of pigeons are capable of finding food for themselves, regardless of the season. So, it’s best to avoid feeding them altogether.

8. Fool Them

Another option is to use fake bird figures or old CDs that reflect light. Place these items on your balcony to create the illusion of a predator bird being present. The reflections from the CDs or the sight of the fake birds will deter pigeons from appearing again.

Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming to Your Balcony?

Food, Food, Food

Pigeons are always on the hunt for grub. If they’ve found a reliable source of food on your balcony, whether it’s crumbs, leftover food, bird feeders, or even pet food, they’re gonna keep coming back for more.

H20 All Day

Just like with food, pigeons will also flock to your balcony if they’ve found a source of water. This can be anything from a bird bath, fountain, or even a leaky faucet. Give them access to water and they’ll never leave.

Home Sweet Home

Pigeons are birds that like to have a sense of security and will look for places to roost and nest. If your balcony provides shelter and protection from the weather, they will be more likely to stay.

No Deterrents? No Problem!

Finally, if there aren’t any deterrents in place, like spikes, netting, unpleasant smells, or sounds, pigeons will keep coming back to your balcony. It’s just that simple.


In conclusion, getting rid of pigeons on your balcony is not an impossible task. With the right methods and a little bit of effort, you can successfully keep pigeons away from your balcony. Whether you choose to use a mixture of water, vinegar, chili, and pepper, spikes, a net, an ultrasonic bird repeller, a bird repeller spray, or fake birds figures or old CDs, there is a solution that will work best for you and your specific needs. The most important thing is to make sure you are persistent in your efforts and stick to the solution you choose. With time, the pigeons will eventually get the message and look for a new home.

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