Discover the Top 8 Apartment Vacuum Cleaners for 2023

Living in an apartment often means facing unique challenges, from navigating narrow hallways and stairs to dealing with limited storage space. One issue that many apartment dwellers can relate to is finding the best vacuum cleaner that fits their living situation. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore various types of vacuum cleaners, discuss unique considerations for apartment living, and provide helpful tips on maintaining your vacuum. So, buckle up and let's dive into the world of apartment vacuum cleaners!


Why Apartment Dwellers Need a Tailor-Made Vacuum Cleaner

Before diving into the various vacuum cleaner options, let’s delve deeper into why apartment dwellers need a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to cater to their unique needs. There are two main factors to consider: space limitations and cleaning performance.

Space Limitations: Compact and Convenient

In apartment living, every square foot counts, making storage space a premium commodity. Consequently, finding a vacuum cleaner that is compact and easy to store is vital. Large, bulky vacuums not only consume valuable storage space but can also be challenging to maneuver in tight areas, such as around furniture or in narrow hallways. Additionally, lightweight vacuums are preferable for apartment dwellers, especially those living in multi-story buildings where carrying the vacuum up and down stairs might be necessary. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a vacuum cleaner that strikes the right balance between size, weight, and storage convenience.

Cleaning Performance: Mighty and Versatile

While apartments may have a smaller footprint compared to houses, they still demand a powerful vacuum cleaner capable of effectively cleaning various surfaces. It’s essential to consider the types of flooring in your apartment, which may include carpet, hardwood, tile, or a combination thereof. A versatile vacuum cleaner should be able to handle all these surfaces with ease and efficiency.

Moreover, apartments tend to accumulate dust, allergens, and other pollutants quickly due to their smaller size and potentially limited airflow. To maintain a healthy living environment, it’s critical to select a vacuum cleaner with excellent filtration capabilities, such as a HEPA filter, which can capture microscopic particles and allergens. Furthermore, if you have pets, it’s necessary to choose a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and specialized attachments to tackle pet hair and dander.

In summary, apartment dwellers need a vacuum cleaner that is compact, lightweight, and easy to store, without compromising on cleaning performance, versatility, and filtration efficiency.


If you are still wondering which apartment vacuum cleaner to select, it may be helpful to read further and learn more about each particular vacuum in our ranking. By doing so, you can make an informed decision based on the size, weight, type of flooring, noise level, price, customer reviews, and any additional features or attachments that may be important to you. Whether you are looking for a lightweight and cordless option for quick cleanups, a compact and quiet handheld vacuum for spot cleaning, or a high-end cordless model with powerful suction and a variety of attachments, there is a vacuum cleaner that is perfect for your needs and budget.

1. Shark NV752

Lift away dirt and debris with ease

This Shark model weighing 15.4 lbs is equipped with a lift-away function, thanks to which you can lift the pod away and vacuum hard-to-reach places such as under the bed or a tall cupboard. This vacuum cleaner has been equipped with a HEPA filtration system that will prevent allergens from getting out into the air you breathe. What’s more, is an interesting gadget which is a touch screen with a slider controlling the suction power on the handle. This quirky feature looks really modern and stylish in our opinion. On the other hand, the dust container has a capacity of 0.88QT, which will allow you to easily vacuum the entire apartment.

Tackle all of your cleaning needs with the Shark NV752

Similarly to others, there is a couple of tools included in a set. The sturdy brush roll for all floor surfaces, upholstery tool that will let you get rid of pet hair and dirt, and, crevice tool which you can use to reach narrow spaces. Despite its massive appearance, the vacuum cleaner is comfortable to use and easy to maneuver. The accuracy of the work is also influenced by the LED headlights mounted in the brush casing.


✔ touch screen on the handle
✔ cleans the carpet really well
✔ lightweight
✔ easy to assemble

❌ power hose should be longer

2. Laresar Elite 3

Powerful suction for a deep clean

Laresar Elite 3 is the most powerful of the wireless vacuum cleaners in this ranking because of its pressure that reaches 33kPa. You can be sure it will easily get any kind of debris from all kinds of floors sucked. To take advantage of this power, we choose 1 out of 3 speeds mode: Eco lasting 50min, Medium 25min, and Powerful mode 15min. This model is distinguished by the fact that it’s got the best and the prettiest LED touchable display that indicates: battery level, mode, speed, full tank, and brush bristle tangle reminder. In addition, the 5 stages of HEPA filtration will take care of the air quality, which can also be easily and quickly washed in your sink.

One of the quietest

This device also has a V-Type two-axis flexible roller brush that prevents hair from wrapping around it. Moreover, the roller has been designed in a way it avoids dead ends which means its cleaning range is a bit wider than the roller itself. It is worth adding that, like the Orfeld C10G, it generates only 65dB, which makes both of them the quietest. Furthermore, the dust container can’t be forgotten here. You are going to spend some time filling up 1.58QT. LED headlights for better visibility are also mounted here. Moreover, 2 extra nozzle crevices are included.


✔ advanced display
✔ large dust container
✔ LED lights in this model are spot on
✔ durability, all parts are well made
✔ super easy to switch attachments

❌ battery could last longer on the highest suction power

3. Kenmore DU5080

Easily copes with over-floor spaces

Kenmore is the lightest vacuum cleaner of its kind in this ranking. It weighs just under 14 lbs and thanks to lift-up technology you can easily vacuum stairs or hard-to-reach places. It also uses HEPA filters that catch 99.97% of dust and debris regarding what the producer claims. This is extremely important for our health. The wand will also make your over-floor spaces cleaning a lot easier because it reaches as far as 10ft! In addition, the power suction is satisfactory for vacuuming any surface – carpets, hard floors, stairs, and more

Large dust container

The dust container in this model is worth mentioning. Its large capacity of 2.11 quarts is more than enough and will satisfy everyone with no doubt. In the box, however, you are going to find tools such as the brush roller, upholstery tool, and crevice tool with 3 different endings attached to them. Moreover, with the help of LED headlights integrated into the brush roller, you will not miss any dirty space on your floor!


✔ large dust container
✔ great suction power
✔ beater bar stops when the vacuum is parked in an upright position
✔ it’s really quiet!

❌ power cord could have been longer

4. Orfeld C10G


The Orfeld C10G is a bit weaker than the Laresar Elite 3, reaching a pressure of 26kPa. It has 3 modes ECO, MID, and BOOST. In addition, the Automatic Dust Detection System is also worth mentioning. This feature automatically adjusts suction power based on the amount of dust or debris spotted by the sensors on the floor so you don’t need to wonder which mode to select. When it comes to battery, it provides a runtime of up to 50 minutes in ECO mode. Moreover, the producer declares that the battery lifetime is 20% longer than other stick vacuums. The 5-stage filtration system, this machine has been equipped with, also comes with HEPA filters which allow capturing 99.99% of 0.1-micron particles. Filters are super easy to maintain, all you need to do is to take them out and just give them a rinse. Then, they are ready to assemble and filtrate air again!

Compact and convenient for apartment cleaning

What does make Orfeld stand out from the competitors? Sound level. It doesn’t exceed 65dB, which is a very good result for a vacuum cleaner. It’s also nice that you can freely adjust the metal tube from 24 to 43 inches, so people of different heights can simply use it. Being this foldable also makes storing it a lot easier. On top of that, in the box apart from the vacuum itself, you will receive 2 in 1 brush roller, a mini soft dust brush, and a crevice nozzle. This model is also distinguished by the fact that it is free-standing and you do not need to drill holes in the wall to hang it. It also has LED headlights and the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty. However, when buying this device make sure you are not going to struggle with its weight hence it is definitely heavier than the others which may be problematic for some.


✔ suction power of 26kPa
✔ Automatic Dust Detection system that is hardly to find in other devices
✔ superior battery life
✔ noise not exceeding 65dB

❌ the way of emptying the tank could have been designed better. It may cause a bit of struggle at first

5. Shark NV501

Simply cleaning

This Shark vacuum cleaner model is quite similar to the Shark NV752 described earlier. Most of the functions are exactly the same, however, if you prefer a device that is simpler to use we recommend choosing this one. It doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen on the handle but its functionality stays the same. We still have a lift-away function, a very good HEPA filtration system, and a 0.88QT dust container. The only disappointment you may face is literally the lack of an upholstery washing brush which can be useful.

Warranty period

The device is easy to use and the LED headlights additionally help to spot any dirt. The set includes 3 tools such as Dusting Brush, a Wide Upholstery Tool, and a 12 ” Crevice Tool. Shark devices also come made out of good quality materials which are confirmed by a 5-year warranty provided.


✔ it picks up pet hair truly well
✔ super long power cord
✔ high suction power
✔ easy and quick to empty the tank

❌ the central hose could have been slightly longer

6. Dyson Ball

Are you feeling strong today?

Unfortunately, we have to say the Dyson is not the lightest device of this type because it weighs as much as 17.37 lbs. You can’t forget, however, that it is mainly caused by the materials which Dyson uses to make their devices. It’s one of the best on the market. This model doesn’t offer a lift-away function, instead, we have a high-reach wand that stretches a total of 46ft! Easy maneuvering is guaranteed by the Dyson Ball design, thanks to which you can change the direction of the vacuum with a simple movement of the wrist. Obviously, the HEPA filtration hasn’t been forgotten, which In combination with the Radial Root Cyclone technology allows for a powerful suction throughout the entire cleaning period. Additionally product received a given asthma and allergy-friendly certificate. Thanks to the three nozzles included in a set, you can easily vacuum all surfaces in your apartment.

Clean like never before with the Dyson Ball

What’s also worth mentioning in this outstanding vacuum is stiff, nylon bristles allowing for very thorough cleaning of every surface. Moreover, hair removal vanes will take care of sucking your dog’s debris pretty fast. On top of that, you are also getting the 1.2QT tank sufficient for any room size. Dyson can definitely boast of one of the best quality of workmanship and design. It is confirmed by a 5-year warranty by the manufacturer.


✔ superior suction
✔ outstanding quality
✔ easy-to-empty large dust container
✔ small plug that fits any outlets

❌ it’s heavy and quite bulky so carrying this upstairs may be tricky. Clearance is also poor in this case

7. Dreametech P10 Pro

Smart brush

Similarly to other vacuum cleaners of this type, this one also has a strong suction pressure which equals 22kPa. However, in this model, we have 3 power modes to choose from. Energy Saving that lasts 60 mins, Standard Cleaning 25min, and Boost Suction 8min (well, it could have been a little bit longer in our opinion). In addition, the Dreametech P10 Pro is also equipped with a 5 layers filtration system with Cyclone Technology. An important element that this model has been equipped with is the V-shape Brush. Its advantage is that hair pulled in from the floor or carpet will not wrap around the brush. At the same time, it can effortlessly handle even the thickest rug in the same way.


The weight of this model has been taken care of by the producer making it light and comfortable to use. Even using this vacuum to clean high, hard-to-reach places won’t make you tired. As you can expect, the brush can handle any type of floor, from carpets to tiles. On the top of the handle, you will notice a large and well-designed digital display with indicators like error, auto-lock, suction mode, and battery remaining. The work will be facilitated by an Electric Self-Lock system that allows for continuous work without holding the trigger which is quite a nice feature. A nice element that may surprise us is the multitude of accessories in the set, such as the Mini Motorized Brush and 2 in 1 Crevice Nozzle. Compared to ORFELD however, it works a bit louder generating 75dB.


✔ picks up larger stuff easily
✔ does not make much noise
✔ battery lasts long on the lowest setting
✔ trigger lock function makes it convenient to use

❌ 2 in 1 attachment is not too convenient


Clean apartment, clean living!

Orfeld has two operation modes you can freely adapt to your needs. The Max suction pressure for this device is 22kPa and easily copes with debris, pet hair, dog food, beans, cereal, dust, and another kind of floor dirt sucking them all into a 0.53QT tank. What’s more, this device can work without interruption for 35 minutes while maintaining mentioned parameters. However, it takes as long as 4-5 hours to fully charge batteries. In addition, the air coming through the vacuum during the operation is being filtrated by the 5-stage filtration provided by HEPA. Additional filters are delivered with 2 brush rollers (hard and soft), crevice nozzle, combination nozzle, storage and charge station, and spare screen filter.

Easy to disassemble

This vacuum cleaner uses an acoustic noise reduction design thanks to which, two exhausts reduce the sound to below 68dB. The weight of 3.3 lbs is definitely noteworthy and makes this device one of the lightest ones in this ranking. The vacuum cleaner can be easily folded up and taken to the garage, for example, to clean the car. On top of that that in this model we will find the metal extension tube which is easily adjustable so that each of the household members can regulate it to their height.


✔ great on hardwood floors
✔ extremely easy to switch from handheld to the extended version
✔ easy to empty and clean
✔ charger connected to the base

❌ can’t stand on its own

Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment Living

Now that we understand the unique challenges apartment dwellers face when choosing a vacuum cleaner, let’s explore the different types available on the market.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the traditional, all-in-one cleaning solution. They’re powerful, versatile, and can clean various surfaces with ease. However, they tend to be bulky and heavy, which might not be ideal for apartment living. If you have a larger apartment with ample storage space and multiple types of flooring, an upright vacuum cleaner could be a suitable choice.

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuums are lightweight, slim, and perfect for small apartments. They’re easy to maneuver, can reach tight spaces, and are great for quick clean-ups. Many stick vacuums are also cordless, adding to their convenience. However, they typically have smaller dustbins and less powerful motors compared to upright vacuums, so they might not be the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuums consist of a separate cleaning head and a canister unit connected by a hose. They’re known for their excellent suction power and versatility in cleaning various surfaces. Canister vacuums are also relatively compact, making them suitable for apartment living. The downside is that they can be cumbersome to move around, especially on stairs. If you need to clean multiple surfaces and have some storage space available, a canister vacuum might be a good option.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuums are the epitome of convenience. They’re self-propelled, compact, and can be programmed to clean your apartment while you’re away or busy with other tasks. They’re especially great for maintaining hardwood or tile floors. However, they may struggle with deep cleaning carpets and might not be the best choice if you have pets that shed a lot of hair. If you’re looking for a hands-free cleaning solution and are willing to invest in smart technology, a robot vacuum could be the perfect fit.

Mini Vacuum Cleaners

Mini vacuums, as their name suggests, are small, lightweight, and portable. They’re perfect for spot-cleaning and reaching tight spaces like corners, upholstery, and car interiors. Mini vacuums are not meant for whole-apartment cleaning but can be a valuable supplementary tool for quick clean-ups. If you already have a primary vacuum cleaner and need something to handle small messes, a mini vacuum is a great addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Pet vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to tackle pet hair, dander, and other pet-related messes. They often come with specialized attachments and powerful suction to remove stubborn hair from carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces. If you share your apartment with furry friends, consider investing in a pet vacuum cleaner to keep your living space clean and allergen-free.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuums are compact, lightweight, and perfect for small messes and quick clean-ups. They’re great for reaching tight spaces, cleaning stairs, and picking up debris from upholstery and car interiors. While they don’t have the power and capacity for whole-apartment cleaning, handheld vacuums are an excellent supplementary tool for apartment dwellers.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vacuum Cleaner

No matter which vacuum cleaner you choose, proper care and maintenance are crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some detailed tips on how to clean and maintain your vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the Filter: Keep it Fresh and Efficient

The filter is an essential component of your vacuum cleaner, as it captures dust, allergens, and other particles while you clean. To ensure your vacuum continues to perform at its best, it’s important to keep the filter clean.

Many vacuum cleaners feature washable filters, which should be cleaned periodically. To clean a washable filter, remove it from the vacuum, rinse it thoroughly with water, and gently squeeze out excess moisture. Allow the filter to air dry completely before reinstalling it to avoid mold or mildew growth.

If your vacuum cleaner has a non-washable filter, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement frequency. Regularly replacing the filter not only helps maintain optimal suction power but also prevents allergens from being released back into your living space.

Emptying the Dustbin: Keep the Suction Strong

Consistently emptying the dustbin is vital for maintaining your vacuum’s suction power and overall efficiency. For bagless vacuum cleaners, empty the dustbin once it reaches the fill line indicated on the container. Doing so will help prevent clogging and ensure maximum airflow during cleaning. Additionally, make sure to clean the dustbin itself periodically by washing it with warm soapy water and allowing it to air dry.

For bagged vacuum cleaners, replace the vacuum bag when it’s about two-thirds full. Overfilling the bag can restrict airflow, reducing suction power and putting unnecessary strain on the vacuum’s motor.

Replacing Parts: Keep Your Vacuum in Top Condition

Over time, certain parts of your vacuum cleaner may wear out and need to be replaced. This includes components such as belts, brushes, and hoses. To keep your vacuum running efficiently, consult your vacuum’s user manual for guidance on when to replace these parts and follow the recommended schedule.

  • Belts: A worn or stretched belt can reduce the effectiveness of your vacuum’s brush roll, making it harder to pick up dirt and debris. Replace belts as recommended by the manufacturer or when you notice a decline in cleaning performance.
  • Brushes: The brush roll or brush head can accumulate hair, fibers, and other debris over time, reducing its ability to clean effectively. Periodically clean the brush roll by removing it from the vacuum and cutting away any tangled hair or fibers. If the bristles become worn or damaged, replace the brush roll or brush head as needed.
  • Hoses: Check the hoses regularly for clogs, cracks, or other damage that could affect suction power. Remove any clogs by using a long, flexible brush or straightened coat hanger to dislodge debris. Replace damaged hoses to maintain optimal vacuum performance.

By following these detailed tips for cleaning and maintaining your vacuum cleaner, you can ensure it continues to provide top-notch cleaning results and serves you well for years to come.


What should I consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner for my apartment?

When selecting a vacuum cleaner for your apartment, consider factors such as size, weight, storage convenience, cleaning performance, versatility, and filtration efficiency. Think about the types of flooring in your apartment and any specific needs, such as pet hair removal or allergy concerns.

Are cordless vacuums suitable for apartment cleaning?

Yes, cordless vacuums can be suitable for apartment cleaning, as they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and don’t require an electrical outlet. However, ensure that the cordless vacuum you choose has enough battery life and suction power to efficiently clean your entire apartment.

How often should I vacuum my apartment?

The frequency of vacuuming your apartment depends on factors like foot traffic, the presence of pets, and personal preferences. However, it’s generally recommended to vacuum high-traffic areas at least once a week and other areas every one to two weeks to maintain cleanliness.

Can I use the same vacuum cleaner for carpets, hardwood, and tile?

Yes, many vacuum cleaners are designed to handle various surfaces, including carpets, hardwood, and tile. Look for a vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power or brush roll settings to ensure it can effectively clean different flooring types without causing damage.

Are robot vacuums suitable for apartments?

Robot vacuums can be a convenient option for apartment dwellers, as they can clean your floors automatically while you attend to other tasks. However, they may not be as powerful as other vacuum types, and you might still need a supplementary vacuum cleaner for spot cleaning or tackling areas that the robot vacuum can’t reach.

How can I hide my vacuum cleaner in my apartment?

To hide your vacuum cleaner in your apartment, consider storing it in a closet, under a bed, or behind furniture. Alternatively, use creative storage solutions like decorative screens, room dividers, or attractive storage boxes that blend seamlessly with your interior decor.

What is the best vacuum for hardwood and carpet?

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E is an excellent vacuum for both hardwood and carpet. This upright vacuum features a lift-away canister, allowing for versatile cleaning on various surfaces. Its powerful suction and brush roll shutoff option make it efficient for cleaning hardwood floors, while the brush roll effectively lifts dirt and debris from carpets.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best apartment vacuum cleaner requires taking into account your unique living situation and cleaning needs. From upright and stick vacuums to robot and handheld models, there’s a vacuum cleaner out there that’s perfect for your apartment. Don’t forget to check out these additional resources on carpet cleaning and maintenance:

With the right vacuum cleaner and proper maintenance, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a clean and comfortable apartment. Happy vacuuming!

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