The Best Motorcycle Covers in 2023: Reviews & Recommendations

There's a charming picture that accompanies the romance of owning a motorcycle—the open road, the wind in your hair, the thrill of speed. But what about the less glamorous reality? After a long ride, you can't just leave your trusty steed exposed to the elements. Like a cowboy covering his horse with a blanket, you too should think about a cover for your motorcycle. It's not just about looking after your prized possession, but also ensuring that your motorcycle can provide you with great experiences for years to come. But, how do you choose the best motorcycle cover for your two-wheeled companion? Let's hit the road together on this journey.

Types of Motorcycle Covers

Half covers, full covers, and universal covers are the primary types of motorcycle covers you’ll encounter on the market.

Half Covers

Just as the name suggests, a half cover protects only the top half of your bike. It’s a fantastic option for bike owners who primarily store their motorcycles indoors or under a roof. Perfect for keeping dust and airborne particles at bay, these covers usually shield the handlebars, tank, and seat from getting dirty. Plus, they’re compact and easy to carry along on your rides.

Full Covers

For complete, all-around protection, a full cover is the way to go. It safeguards your motorcycle from top to bottom and is especially crucial if you store your bike outdoors. Weather elements, such as rain, snow, and UV radiation, won’t stand a chance against a sturdy full cover.

Universal Covers

Universal covers are designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, making them a convenient, albeit not always perfect, option. Their one-size-fits-most approach is excellent for those who own multiple bikes of different models or sizes.

Best Motorcycle Covers

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Cover

Protection from Weather Elements

A high-quality motorcycle cover serves as your bike’s first line of defense against inclement weather. Be it heavy rain, harsh sunlight, or a surprise snowstorm, a cover shields your bike from potential damage. In addition, covers also protect against bird droppings and tree sap, which can be surprisingly harmful to your motorcycle’s finish.

Dust and Dirt

Even when stored indoors, dust and dirt have a sneaky way of accumulating on your bike. A cover, especially a half or full one, ensures that your motorcycle stays clean and ready for your next ride. Plus, a cover reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance you’ll need to do—giving you more time for what truly matters: riding.

Security from Theft

While a motorcycle cover might not be a foolproof security measure, it certainly deters casual thieves. A covered bike is less tempting since it takes more effort to uncover and assess its worth. Some covers even have provisions for locking, adding an extra layer of security.

Preserves Battery Life

Believe it or not, a motorcycle cover can help extend your battery life. In cold weather, an uncovered motorcycle’s battery can quickly drain and possibly even freeze, leading to permanent damage. A cover keeps the bike and its battery somewhat insulated from low temperatures, prolonging battery life.

1. Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover

Revolutionizing motorcycle protection is the Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover, a true guardian boasting 12 levels of commercial-grade protection. This heavy-duty armor, forged from rip-resistant 300D Polyester, is equipped to safeguard your beloved ride through every season, be it rain or shine, gusty winds, or snowy days. Imagine being able to cover your motorcycle right after a thrilling ride, even when the pipes are still hot, all thanks to the cover’s unique heat shielding. That’s right! No need to wait for it to cool down. Additionally, the cover brims with thoughtful features, including hi-vis reflective accents for safe night-time parking and a hidden pocket that keeps your lock or alarm dry and secure.

Yet, what truly sets the Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover apart is the meticulous attention to detail in its design. The cover’s strength lies in its waterproof qualities, backed by reinforced and taped seams that make sure not a drop of water sneaks in to spoil your ride. Plus, the vents built into the cover act as its lungs, preventing rust-inducing condensation from building up. Ever had a scratch on your windshield from a cover? Say goodbye to those! This cover’s soft windshield liner ensures scratch-free protection. The strong elastic hem and adjustable belly strap are like a well-fitted belt, keeping your cover securely in place. And in case you have any doubts about its durability, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Remember however that you might encounter issues with heat resistance, but with its extensive list of pros, the Badass Moto Ultimate Motorcycle Cover is a sturdy knight, ready to defend your motorcycle!


✔ 12 levels of commercial-grade protection
✔ Waterproof and all-weather protection
✔ Made from heavy-duty, rip-resistant material
✔ Reinforced and taped seams for water resistance
✔ Soft windshield liner to prevent scratches
✔ Heat shielding for quick cover application
✔ Strong elastic hem and adjustable belly strap for a secure fit
✔ Two vents for breathability and preventing condensation
✔ Hi-vis reflective accents for increased visibility at night
✔ Hidden lock pocket for added security
✔ Made to last with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

❌ Some users reported issues with heat resistance

2. Rosefray Motorcycle Cover

In the world of motorcycle accessories, the Rosefray Motorcycle Cover stands out as a must-have. Its design and features are nothing short of a superhero costume for your motorcycle, delivering powerful protection against elements like dust, UV rays, and unpredictable weather. Crafted with 600D Oxford cloth, it is ready to face every challenge, just like your road warrior. Its unique 3D cut makes it a perfect companion for motorcycles with side boxes, fitting them like a second skin. Imagine this: after a rain-soaked morning, the sun finally breaks free, and there stands your motorcycle, still glistening thanks to this versatile cover.

But the Rosefray Motorcycle Cover doesn’t just stop there. Imagine, after a day of thrilling rides, you’re returning to your motorcycle under a star-studded sky. The glow from the cover’s reflective strips guides you in the semi-darkness like a friendly lighthouse. The thoughtful design also incorporates double ventilation openings to let your ride breathe, maintaining its temperature even under the cover. And the icing on the cake? A storage bag that comes complimentary with the cover. True, some users have hinted at the material being less thick than competitors, and a few instances of tearing have been reported. Also, it’s worth noting that it’s not designed for motorcycles with tour packs. However, it’s a champion for bikes with side boxes, offering them a reliable defense against the elements.


✔ Made of 100% 600D Oxford cloth
✔ Resistant to aging, ripping, and UV damage
✔ Dustproof, rainproof, and waterproof
✔ Designed for motorcycles with side boxes
✔ Adjustable elastic band and windproof buckle
✔ Reflective strips for visibility
✔ Rear antenna holes
✔ Breathable with double ventilation openings
✔ Comes with a complimentary storage bag

❌ Material may be thinner compared to other brands
❌ Some users reported tearing on certain parts
❌ Not compatible with motorcycles with tour packs

3. WMCHEYI Motorcycle Cover

This is the next robust cover, which has been made of top-tier material that serves as a formidable shield against dust, water, UV rays, and even those pesky scratches. One of its standout features is the lock holes and windproof buckles. Thanks to cleverly designed buckles everything will be moving on windy days except your covered motorcycle. And in the darkness of the night, the reflective strips on the cover shine like a lighthouse, ensuring you spot your ride quickly.

Being a jack-of-all-trades, the WMCHEYI Motorcycle Cover doesn’t just specialize in one type of motorcycle. It comfortably accommodates various models up to 96″, showcasing its impressive versatility. Another notable feature is the encrypted double stitching, which boosts durability, ensuring your cover doesn’t give up before your adventures do. As for portability, it scores high with a convenient storage pocket, making it easy to carry on all your journeys. However, while this cover is a substantial contender, it’s important to note that it may not cater to larger motorcycles.


✔ Made of high-quality material
✔ Dustproof, waterproof, and UV resistant
✔ Encrypted double stitching for durability
✔ Reflective stripes for higher visibility
✔ Equipped with lock holes and windproof buckles
✔ Universal fit for motorcycles up to 96″
✔ Comes with a storage pocket for easy portability

❌ May not fit larger motorcycles
❌ Some customers reported issues with the windproof buckles

4. LI LIBZAKI Motorcycle Cover Storage

Crafted from the sturdy 420D Oxford fabric, this cover is designed to guard against rain, heat, and scratches. With its adjustable fit, the resilient shield caters to most touring models and brings a host of additional features to the table. Similarly to the previous model, you will also find here the rear antenna holes and front vents, ensuring optimum ventilation.

However, the LIBZAKI Motorcycle Cover Storage isn’t all work and no play. One of its unique characteristics is the striking pentagram design, giving your parked motorcycle an edge in the sea of standard covers. Included in the package is a handy storage bag, reinforcing the ease of use. But it’s worth noting that while this cover stands out with its distinctive design, it might not resonate with everyone’s style. Also, its compatibility is focused more on touring models, leaving non-touring motorcycles slightly out of the picture. Lastly, though the cover braves various weather conditions, additional information on its UV protection capabilities would be helpful. All in all, the LIBZAKI Motorcycle Cover Storage is an outstanding choice for those seeking a blend of durability, functionality, and a touch of distinctive style in their motorcycle cover.


✔ Made from durable 420D Oxford Fabric.
✔ Offers protection against various weather conditions.
✔ Fits most touring models of motorcycles.
✔ Waterproof design with improved seams and strips.
✔ Adjustable elastic band and windproof buckle for a secure fit.
✔ Reflective strips and rear antenna holes for visibility and practicality.
✔ Front vents for ventilation.
✔ Comes with a storage bag.
✔ Eye-catching pentagram design.

❌ Some customers may prefer other brands or models.
❌ The product may not fit all motorcycle types (specifically non-touring models).

5. Gutupet Motorcycle Cover All Season

Gutupet All Season Motorcycle Cover has been constructed with premium tear and wear-resistant material, which is nothing short of a suit of armor for your bike, taking on rain, wind, and sun head-on. What’s more? The universal fit is a real crowd-pleaser, catering to motorcycles up to 104 inches in length. And when it comes to security, it’s like a watchdog, with 2 anti-theft lock holes and a rust-proof design.

This model doesn’t stop at just basic protection. It goes the extra mile with thoughtful features like reflective warning strips, ensuring your bike is always in sight, even on the darkest nights. The convenience of a storage bag makes it a breeze for on-the-go protection. The inner silver coating is like a hidden gem, bolstering the cover’s protective abilities, while the double-stitched seams promise durability. It’s also a cinch to clean – just throw it in the washing machine. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some users reported water leakage during heavy downpours and color fading over time.


✔ Made of premium tear-resistant and wear-resistant material
✔ Silver coating inside for added protection
✔ Double-stitched seams for durability
✔ Protects against rain, sun, wind, snow, dust, and damaging UV rays
✔ Universal fit for motorcycles up to 104 inches in length
✔ Sturdy anti-theft silver lock holes for added security
✔ Reflective warning strips for visibility at night
✔ Easy to store and carry with included storage bag
✔ Machine washable for easy cleaning

❌ Some users reported water leakage during heavy rain
❌ Fades over time

6. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

Say hello to the XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover. Crafted with high-quality nylon Oxford material, this cover is akin to a fortress. Think of it like breathable skin for your motorcycle. Unlike many other covers that trap heat and moisture, this one ensures optimal air circulation, saving your seat from potential heat and water damage.

Designed to cater to various motorcycle models, the XYZCTEM cover boasts a universal fit. The lightweight fabric, soft to the touch, treats your bike gently, avoiding any unsightly scratches. The double-stitched, windproof fabric stands tall against blustery winds, making sure your cover stays put. The cherry on top is their dedicated 24-hour customer service, a valuable reassurance for bikers. However, it’s worth noting that some bikers found the sleeves slightly short for their motorcycles. A few also reported minor cuts after use, and some felt the cover’s durability could be improved. But when weighed against its beneficial features, the XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover proves itself a strong candidate in the hunt for a reliable motorcycle cover.


✔ Improved weather protection
✔ Made of high-quality NYLON OXFORD material
✔ Protects against rain, dust, and debris
✔ Breathable fabric releases heat and water
✔ Universal fit for multiple motorcycles
✔ Non-scratch, lightweight, and soft on face
✔ Double-stitched, windproof fabric
✔ 24-hour customer service

❌ Sleeves may be too short for some motorcycles
❌ Some customers experienced cuts after use
❌ Durability may vary

7. CarsCover Ultrashield Heavy Duty Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Crafted with a formidable 5-layer fabric and a plush lining, it’s designed to provide the ultimate care and protection for your bike. Its shield isn’t just any regular shield, but an ‘Ultrashield’ fortified with a UV stabilizer named “Remafim.” This cover doesn’t just resist UV rays; it outright denies them. Moreover, it has an aluminized heat shield for warm exhaust pipes, a surefire way to keep the heat in check.

The CarsCover Ultrashield is much more than just a waterproof cover; it’s a fortress against dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and even acid rain. Its micro-porous fabric allows moisture and condensation to evaporate, ensuring that your bike stays dry and cool. Sturdy double-stitched seams add an extra layer of strength, while the included tie-down strap and buckle offer secure coverage. The cover might require an adapter or converter for international use, and it lacks an antenna hole or lock hole. But it’s a perfect fit for Harley Davidson Touring Road Glide and Street Glide bikes. With the CarsCover Ultrashield, you’re not just buying a motorcycle cover; you’re investing in a protective companion for your ride.


✔ Heavy Duty 5 Layer Waterproof and UV Protection
✔ Plush inner lining pampers your bike’s exterior surfaces
✔ Double stitched seams for maximum strength
✔ Micro-porous fabric allows moisture and condensation to evaporate
✔ Complete barrier to dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and acid rain
✔ Aluminized heat shield for warm exhaust pipes

❌ May require an adapter or converter for international use
❌ Does not have an antenna hole or lock hole
❌ Does not completely cover some bikes with a touring package

8. Favoto Motorcycle Cover

Tailored from high-quality polyester and coated with silver, it brings an unparalleled level of protection for your ride. Measuring 96.5 x 41 x 50 inches, it’s a universal fit for various motorcycles, making it a versatile choice for riders. Imagine going for a long ride and, instead of fretting about your bike’s protection, you’re at ease knowing that your bike is securely wrapped in its Favoto cover.

This lightweight (only 1.5 lbs) yet sturdy cover offers multiple features that set it apart from others. Equipped with two lock holes, it secures your bike against potential thefts. Riding or parking in low light? The three reflective stripes enhance visibility, ensuring your bike isn’t overlooked. On top of that, it comes with a storage bag, so you can neatly pack it up when not in use. Some riders reported slight discrepancies with the size and a thinner-than-expected material. A few also experienced leakage, and it’s not completely heat resistant.


✔ Universal fit for various motorcycles
✔ Made of premium quality polyester fabrics
✔ Silver coating inside for added protection
✔ Equipped with 2 lock-holes for anti-theft
✔ 3 reflective stripes for better visibility
✔ Comes with a storage bag for easy organization

❌ Some customers reported size discrepancies
❌ Material may not be as thick as expected
❌ Not completely heat resistant

9. 300D Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

The 300D Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover is masterfully tailored from top-of-the-line 300D nylon Oxford hence the name. It guarantees superior protection compared to the common 210D material. This impressive cover can shrug off water pressures up to 2000 Pa, leaving your bike dry and clean.

Boasting four reflective strips, this cover lights up in the darkness, marking the resting place of your ride. It comes with two lock holes, adding an extra layer of security. And when the gales blow? The 300D Heavy Duty Cover stands tall with its windproof buckles, securely hugging your motorcycle. It accommodates bikes up to 116″, a universal guardian ready for duty. A few users have found the sizing a bit on the snug side, but the overwhelming majority can’t help but rave about its protective prowess.


✔ Made of 300D premium quality nylon oxford material that is thicker and more waterproof than 210D material on the market
✔ Can withstand up to 2000 Pa water pressure
✔ Provides top-to-bottom coverage
✔ Features 4 high visibility reflective strips for increased visibility in the dark
✔ Designed with 2 lock holes and 2 windproof buckles for secure fastening and protection against wind or snow
✔ Universal fit for multiple motorcycles up to 116″

❌ Some users found the sizing to be smaller than expected

10. SEAZEN Motorcycle Cover

Constructed from an amalgamation of aluminium, PE, and spunlaced cloth, this five-layered guardian is all about durability. Sized at 102″ L x 41″ W x 49″ H, it boasts a remarkable waterproof rating of 1800mm water pressure resistance, safeguarding your ride from the elements. Picture this: snowfall or a sunny day, your motorcycle remains protected, basking under its UV-proof shield.

No ordinary cover, the SEAZEN Motorcycle Cover has a special feature – an exclusive entrance for anti-theft locks, making security a breeze. Those gusty winds won’t be a bother anymore with the windproof straps at the front and rear keeping the cover secure. As you walk towards your bike in the night, the reflective stripes light your way, adding to your safety. Convenience is another forte of this cover. The included storage bag, easy hang, and reflective handle for quick drying make storage and maintenance a piece of cake. While the sizing chart may pose some challenges and the straps might give way in very high winds, the SEAZEN Motorcycle Cover promises reliable protection for most standard-sized motorcycles.


✔ Special entrance for anti-theft locks
✔ Windproof straps at front & rear
✔ Reflective stripe for nighttime visibility
✔ Storage bag included
✔ Five-layer construction for durability
✔ Waterproof and snowproof
✔ Sunproof to protect against UV damage
✔ Universal fit for most standard-sized motorcycles

❌ Straps may tear off in high winds
❌ Sizing chart may be inaccurate

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Cover

Choosing the right motorcycle cover isn’t as simple as picking the first one you see. You need to account for factors such as the quality of material, proper fit, and additional features, like ventilation and UV resistance.

Quality of Material

The material of your cover plays a significant role in how well it can protect your bike. Lightweight materials like polyester are great for indoor use, while heavier-duty materials like canvas or nylon are perfect for outdoor protection. Some covers even feature a combination of materials to balance durability with breathability.

Proper Fit

The fit of your motorcycle cover is equally important. A loose cover may leave parts of your bike exposed or flap in the wind, causing wear and tear. Conversely, a cover that’s too tight may strain and damage the bike’s components like indicators for example. Measure your motorcycle before purchasing to ensure a snug and secure fit. Also, pay attention to additional pockets for elements that stick out.

Ventilation and UV Resistance

Lastly, consider the features of the cover. Ventilation is crucial to prevent moisture buildup, which could lead to rust or mold. Similarly, UV resistance is necessary to protect your bike from harmful sun rays, which can fade the paint over time especially if you live down the south.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material to cover a motorcycle?

The best material for a motorcycle cover largely depends on your needs. For indoor use, lightweight polyester is sufficient. For outdoor use, heavy-duty materials like nylon or canvas provide more protection. For comprehensive protection, opt for a cover made from a combination of materials for durability and breathability.

Are motorcycle covers worth it?

Absolutely. Motorcycle covers protect your bike from harsh weather, UV radiation, dust, dirt, and potential thieves. They also help maintain the bike’s appearance, extend the lifespan of its components, and preserve its resale value. A good cover is an investment that pays off in the long run.

Is it OK to leave a motorcycle outside covered?

Yes, it’s OK to leave a motorcycle outside if it’s covered properly. A full cover specifically designed for outdoor use can effectively shield your bike from the elements. However, it’s still best to store your motorcycle indoors or in a garage if possible.

Are motorcycle covers heat-resistant?

Yes, many high-quality motorcycle covers are heat resistant. They feature special materials or coatings that can withstand high temperatures. This is particularly useful if you need to cover your bike shortly after a ride when the exhaust pipes are still hot.

What are the best motorcycle covers?

The best motorcycle covers offer a balance of durability, breathability, and fit. They should be made of high-quality materials, provide adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup, and fit your motorcycle perfectly. The “best” cover can vary greatly depending on individual needs and motorcycle models.

What are some indoor cover tips for motorcycles?

For indoor covers, prioritize dust protection and fit. Ensure the cover is lightweight, easy to put on and remove, and that it fits snugly to prevent dust from reaching your bike. Ventilation is also crucial to avoid moisture buildup, which could lead to rust or mold.

What are half covers for motorcycles?

Half covers are a type of motorcycle cover that only protects the top half of the bike, typically covering areas like the handlebars, tank, and seat. These covers are ideal for indoor storage or areas with mild weather, as they primarily protect against dust and airborne particles.

How do I get the right fit for a motorcycle cover?

To get the right fit for a motorcycle cover, measure your bike’s length, width, and height. Then, compare these dimensions with the cover’s specifications. The cover should fit snugly but not too tight. When in doubt, opt for a slightly larger size.

Are there waterproof outdoor motorcycle covers?

Yes, there are waterproof outdoor motorcycle covers. They are designed with water-resistant materials or coatings to effectively keep rain and moisture off your bike. When choosing a waterproof cover, ensure it also offers good ventilation to prevent moisture buildup inside the cover.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a hardcore biker or a casual rider, a motorcycle cover is a small investment that pays off big time in maintaining your bike’s appearance and functionality. In fact, just like a quality drill bit is essential for fitting screws perfectly—as explained in this excellent guide—a top-notch motorcycle cover is key to preserving your motorcycle in prime condition.

Investing time and thought into choosing the best motorcycle cover will ensure you can continue to enjoy your motorcycle for years to come, preserving not just its physical integrity but also the joy it brings to your life. Remember, motorcycles aren’t just vehicles—they’re a way of life. And they deserve to be taken care of accordingly.

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