What is the best wireless outdoor security camera?

If you want to feel safe in your home without the need to punch holes in the walls and pull a lot of new cables, you can invest in a wireless camera. For the device to work properly, you only need a power supply and a location within the wireless network. Wireless cameras almost always have a built-in microSD card slot, so they do not need an additional recorder to store recordings. Below is a ranking of the best wireless outdoor security cameras on the market.


Whether you’re looking to keep an eye on your home while you’re away or just want added peace of mind, these wireless outdoor cameras are worth considering. Be sure to continue reading for more information on their features and capabilities.

1. Reolink Duo

2 lenses

The Reolink Duo stands out from the rest of the cameras because of its 2 lenses that allow 150 degrees of view. The image is recorded in 2K 4MP. The camera also has the largest 16x digital zoom among other devices of this type. Full-color night vision is also the best thanks to the lighting used around the 2 lenses. Reolink Duo recognizes people and cars and after setting the exact motion zone you will not receive unnecessary alerts. Also noteworthy is the possibility of mounting it on the ceiling and the high weatherproof IP66 scale.

Share it with all your family!

In the case of this device, the manufacturer also took care of better video compression H.265, which allows us to save memory by half. The camera connects to the network without any problems due to two antennas and what’s more, images are saved on an SD card or cloud service if you prefer so. The possibility of sharing the image with 12 other people is also worth mentioning here. Similarly to other cameras, here we also have a two-way talk option included. Moreover, to deter the uninvited guest, we also have a siren, strong lights and a notification sent to our phone.


✔ superior LED lights
✔ two lenses
✔ 16x digital zoom
✔ ability to mount it on the ceiling

❌ auto-focus could have been better

2. Dzees 2K PTZ

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere

Dzees 2K PTZ is another camera with a simple appearance, in which the IP66 protection scale is applied. This allows it to work in all weather conditions. An additional advantage is 2 4dbi antennas improving WiFi coverage on your property. The device, while moving, gives us a wide field of view 355 degree pan and 90-degree tilt, and 2K Super HD quality. The camera can record in color at night and its range after dusk is as far as up to 55ft. Noteworthy is the superior solar panel that charges the device’s battery even on a cloudy day. The manufacturer emphasizes that this panel absorbs 1-2 times more light than other similar panels.

Feel secure with Dzees

Selecting this model, it is going to be possible to set even up to 5 points of observation. It is also worth noting that Dzees 2K PTZ turns very quickly to desired positions so you won’t miss any object anymore. This smart device is also equipped with an AI detection function that notifies you about an event or object only when it is necessary, to reduce false alarms. The true ones, however, will be sent to you by phone. Dzees also has a Two-way communication function and a loud 90db siren. All recordings, however, can be saved on the card up to 128 GB.


✔ great solar panel
✔ antennas that significantly improve the range
✔ easy-to-use application
✔ AI detection function

❌ no other ability to monitor than a cellphone



The Reolink Argus PT camera has a simple design. In addition, it can work in all weather conditions being weatherproof. Additionally, it records in 4MP Super HD. A great convenience is that it provides up to 16x digital zoom. Thanks to the 355-degree Pan and 140-degree Tilt rotating head which will cover all areas you want to have an eye on. At the night, however, you can see up to 33ft. The camera has a 128GB memory card slot for saving recordings and you can additionally store them in the Reolink cloud. Reolink Argus is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistance.

Easy to use

This model of the camera also avoids sending you false alarms detecting only what may be a real threat thanks to its smart people and vehicle detection. In addition, you can manually set the threat detection field, which will save battery consumption making it even more efficient. A solar battery itself is very practical, so you can forget about charging the battery. The Dual-Band WiFi 5GHz and a built-in antenna ensure the quality of data transmission. In the event of an emergency, the device will immediately send you an e-mail or push notification. In addition, the installed siren can be modified and lights will effectively deter the thief. The camera has a Real-Time Two-Way Talk function and a smart playback that will allow you to quickly play the recording. You decide what you want to watch, fragments of cars or people that were recorded at your facility.


✔ easy and quick setup
✔ satisfying night vision
✔ customized siren
✔ very good customer service

❌ voice chat isn’t the best

4. IeGeek ZS-GX1S

All about night vision

IeGeek is an oval-shaped camera which makes it look nice and aesthetic. The device will withstand from -13 ° F to 140 ° F thanks to the IP65 rating scale. IeGeek turns 355 horizontal and 12 degrees vertical. The camera has 4x digital zoom and a 130-degree wide-angle controllable on the app that allows you to spot the whole view of the property. At night, the visibility is up to 100ft! In addition, we can check the battery level at any time and if you need to recharge it, the device will immediately inform you about it.

Easy sharing

This camera also uses 2 WiFi 4dBi antennas as well as bright lights. In addition, it is equipped with 3-night vision modes, color, white or black. It also has 3 alert modes to choose from, it is a siren, spotlight, or both at the same time. As in other cameras, we can also set a detection area ourselves, which prevents receiving unnecessary notifications. The manufacturer also took care of a timer that will turn the camera on or off at the time you choose, thanks to which you save energy and the memory card. This, however, can have a capacity of up to 128GB. Through IeGeek, we can also scare the thief away or talk to loved ones using the Two-way audio function. This device also allows you to share your camera image by simply sending a QR code to another person.


✔ wide camera angle
✔ superior night vision
✔ 3 night vision modes
✔ easy view sharing with QR code

❌ solar panel could have been better. It takes some time to charge the camera from a low battery level. However, if the camera is fully charged it keeps the power

5. Zumimall ZS-GX7S

Stay connected…

The appearance of the Zumimall definitely reminds the one from IeGeek, however, its weatherproof is a level higher – IP66 so no weather conditions are harmful to it. It has a very large viewing angle of 355 degrees horizontally and as much as 120 vertically. Thanks to the 4x digital zoom, we should even read license plates without any problems. At night, however, we can switch between the color and infrared modes. As in other models, we can manually select the area that the camera will record, which prevents it from sending unnecessary alarms. In this area, the device will recognize as many as 3 things – cars, people, and animals. If it was not enough, we also have a sensor intensity scale from 1 to 10 for configuration. The two 4dBI antennas at the top of the device, guarantee good WiFi connectivity.

…and protected

By choosing the Zumimall camera we are getting a rare feature which is the ability to set the device’s operating hours. This option saves the battery life and memory card. The camera will just simply stop recording at the times we are in our house or office and we don’t need it to be working. The captured image will be automatically saved on the sd card up to 128GB or on the cloud service if you wish. The manufacturer has also provided three performance options, such as a siren, spotlight, or the ability to use both of them. We also have 2-way real-time audio available and what’s more, 4 people can watch the video from the camera at the same time.


✔ easy to connect with the phone
✔ adjustable sensitivity scale
✔ smart PIR detection
✔ 120 vertically tilt

❌ sometimes struggles with detection at night


Determine your budget

Before you start shopping for a wireless outdoor security camera, it’s important to have a good idea of how much you are willing to spend. This will help narrow down your options and make it easier to find a camera that fits your needs and your budget.

Decide on the features you want

Different wireless outdoor security cameras offer a range of features, such as motion detection, night vision, two-way audio, and different weather resistance. Determine which features are most important to you and look for a camera that offers all or most of the options you need.

Consider the size and placement

Security cameras come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to think about where you will be placing them. Make sure you have a good idea of the size and shape of the device so it will work best for your needs and the specific location where you will be installing it. This shall help ensure that the camera is effective in capturing the desired area and provides the best possible coverage for your home security needs.

Check for compatibility

Make sure the camera you are considering is compatible with your home’s Wi-Fi network and any other devices or systems you or your family may be using.

Read reviews

Before making a final decision, it can be helpful to read reviews from other customers who have purchased and used the camera you are considering. This can give you a good idea of the pros and cons of the camera and help you make an informed decision.

Don’t forget about customer support

If you have any questions or issues with your device, it’s important to have access to good customer support. Check to see what kind of support options are available for the brand you are considering.

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