Revolutionize Your Strawberry Patch: 11 Must-Try Companion Plants For Strawberries!

Growing strawberries can be challenging, especially when it comes to deciding which companion plants to grow alongside them. This is where understanding the concept of companion planting becomes vital.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll discuss 11 best companion plant options for your strawberries that not only enhance growth but also help fight pests and diseases naturally. Ready to create a thriving strawberry patch? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Companion planting, which involves growing different plants together, can benefit strawberries by improving their growth and health.
  • Lettuce, alliums (such as onions and garlic), spinach, dill, sage, borage, thyme, catnip, yarrow, marigolds are some of the best companion plants for strawberries.
  • These companion plants can provide shade and protection from pests like aphids and spider mites. They also attract beneficial insects that help with pollination and pest control.
  • Some plants should be avoided as companions for strawberries due to negative effects on their growth or susceptibility to diseases like verticillium wilt.

Companion Planting Guide for Strawberries

Companion planting is the practice of growing different plants together to benefit each other in some way. For strawberries, companion planting can help improve growth, deter pests, and enhance flavor.

To understand the science behind how plants benefit from each other, check out our article on how plants grow.

Benefits of companion planting for strawberries

Companion planting for strawberries boosts their growth and health. It keeps pests away and boosts the soil’s goodness. Plants like onions, herbs, and asparagus shield the strawberries from pests.

They move in close to the strawberry plants and share their space. Many of these plants have scents that pests don’t like, such as dill or sage. Others pull extra nutrients into the soil that strawberries love, like peas do with nitrogen.

Companion planting also brings helpful bugs to your garden that help strawberries grow big and tasty!

How it works

Companion planting is a smart way to use your garden. You put two plants close to each other so they can help each other out. For example, one plant may keep bugs away while the second plant gives shade.

This method makes both plants happy and healthy.

Strawberries love this method of gardening! Some plants keep pests away from them. Others help strawberries grow by making the soil better. With companion planting, strawberry farmers don’t need harsh chemicals or extra space in their gardens.

It’s like giving strawberries good friends who look out for them!

Best Strawberry Companion Plants

Here are the top 11 companion plants that work best with strawberries: lettuce, alliums, spinach, asparagus, dill, sage, borage, thyme, catnip, yarrow, and marigolds.


Planting lettuce next to strawberries is a smart move. Lettuce is part of the top 11 companion plants for strawberries. With its compact size, it fits well beside strawberry plants.

This cool-season crop thrives when planted with strawberries. Different types of lettuce provide shade for the berries. They also hide them with their green leaves. The shade helps guard against too much sunlight and heat, keeping your berries safe and healthy!


Alliums, such as onions and garlic, are great companion plants for strawberries. They help to keep away pests that are attracted to strawberries, like aphids and spider mites. These pests can harm the strawberry plants, so having alliums around can be really helpful in protecting them.

Alliums also have a trick up their sleeve when it comes to interplanting with carrots. They confuse onion and carrot flies, making it harder for these pests to find and attack the carrots.

Additionally, when planted with carrots, alliums attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings that eat garden pests. This means they not only protect your strawberries but also provide some natural pest control for your entire garden bed.


Spinach is a compact and cool-season plant that makes a great companion for strawberries. It can help protect the ripe strawberries from predators because its leafy greens can disguise them.

Besides that, spinach contains saponins, which are beneficial properties for strawberries. Plus, spinach and strawberries taste delicious together in the salad bowl. While spinach prefers full sun exposure, it can also tolerate partial shade if needed.

So if you’re into vegetable gardening and want to grow some edible plants alongside your strawberries, consider planting spinach as one of their companions!


Asparagus is one of the top 11 companion plants for strawberries. Both asparagus and strawberries are perennial plants that can produce fruit. What’s great about these two plants is that their root systems don’t interfere with each other.

Asparagus enjoys having strawberry plants nearby because they provide ground cover and help suppress weeds. So if you’re planning a garden, consider planting asparagus alongside your strawberries for a fruitful and harmonious growing experience.


Dill is one of the top 11 companion plants for strawberries. It has a licorice scent that helps distract insects from strawberry plants, keeping them safe. When dill is planted alongside strawberries, it also attracts beneficial insects that help the strawberry plants grow.

Dill is commonly used as a companion plant for fruits and vegetables because of its ability to attract helpful bugs. Plus, its yellow flowers add a pop of color to the garden while attracting these beneficial insects.

So if you’re growing strawberries, consider planting some dill nearby!


Sage is a beneficial companion plant for strawberries. It emits a strong odor that can help mask the sweet scent of strawberries in the garden, which deters pests and predators from attacking them.

Sage is also one of the recommended herbs to plant alongside strawberries because it enhances their growth and protects them from potential harm. By planting sage near strawberries, you can repel pests and deter harmful insects from attacking the strawberry plants.

This herb is believed to have natural insect-repellent properties, making it a useful addition to your strawberry patch.


Borage is a culinary herb that can be grown alongside strawberries as a companion plant. When planting borage, it’s important to place it about 30 to 40 cm away from the strawberry plants.

Borage has lovely periwinkle-colored flowers that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are beneficial for the strawberry plants’ fruit production. Additionally, borage helps improve the availability of trace minerals in the soil, which can enhance the fruit set of strawberries.

Moreover, borage plants have a natural ability to repel insect pests that can harm strawberry patches. By having borage as a companion plant for strawberries, you can enjoy both beautiful flowers and healthier fruits!


Thyme is one of the top 11 companion plants for strawberries. It attracts pollinators and beneficial insects like syrphid flies, which can help increase strawberry yield. Thyme also has a pungent odor that can deter garden pests from feeding on strawberry leaves.

In addition to its pest-repelling qualities, thyme can act as a natural mulch, helping to preserve soil moisture in a strawberry patch. Creeping thyme, in particular, is a popular choice for companion planting with strawberries due to its low-growing habit.

Overall, thyme is an effective natural deterrent for pests and provides multiple benefits when planted alongside strawberries.


Catnip is one of the top companion plants for strawberries. It acts as a natural insect repellent, keeping damaging pests like aphids and mites away from your strawberry plants. The leaves of catnip contain special chemicals called iridoids that repel these pests.

Catnip is a hardy perennial plant that can be planted alongside strawberries to provide protection against pest damage. By incorporating catnip and other companion plants into your strawberry garden, you can create a balanced ecosystem and reduce the need for chemical pesticides.

So, consider adding some catnip to your strawberry patch for natural pest control!


Yarrow is a perennial ornamental plant that can be a great companion for strawberries. It attracts beneficial pollinators to your garden, which can help increase the yield of your strawberry plants.

Yarrow also repels critters that could harm your strawberries. That’s why it’s one of the top 11 companion plants recommended for strawberries in The Ultimate Guide To Companion Plants For Strawberries.

So, consider planting yarrow alongside your strawberries to create a thriving and pest-resistant garden.


Marigolds are one of the top companion plants for strawberries. They have natural pest control properties that can help keep pests away from your strawberries. By planting marigolds in the right spot and taking good care of them, they can be excellent companions for your strawberry plants.

Many home gardeners use marigolds to naturally control pests in their gardens. Marigolds also attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, which are great for controlling aphids in the garden.

So, if you want to protect your strawberries from pests and encourage a healthy garden, consider planting some marigolds alongside them.

Once you’ve selected the right companions for your strawberries, it’s essential to maintain a weed-free garden for optimal growth. Learn more about how to clear a vegetable garden full of weeds on our website

Plants to Avoid Near Strawberry Patch

Certain plants should be avoided when planting strawberries due to potential negative effects on strawberry growth and health.

Reasons for avoiding these plants

Some plants should not be grown with strawberries because they can have negative effects on the strawberry plants. While the article does not specifically mention the reasons for avoiding these plants, it is important to keep in mind that certain plants may compete for resources or attract pests that can harm strawberries.

Aphids and nematodes are common pests that can cause problems for strawberries, so it’s best to avoid planting companion plants that may attract them. By choosing compatible companion plants, you can create a healthy and thriving garden for your strawberries.

Potential negative effects on strawberries

Growing certain plants near strawberries can have negative effects on their growth and yield. For example, tomatoes and eggplants should be avoided as companion plants for strawberries since they are prone to a fungus called verticillium wilt.

This fungal disease can easily spread to strawberry plants, causing them to become sick and potentially reducing the quantity and quality of berries produced. Additionally, plants that are related to cabbage should also be kept away from strawberries as they can harm their growth.

It is important to choose companion plants carefully in order to avoid flavorless fruit or even the death of strawberry plants.


In conclusion, companion planting is an excellent way to improve the growth and health of your strawberry plants. By choosing the right companions like lettuce, alliums, spinach, and others mentioned in this guide, you can enhance pollinationdeter pests, and create a thriving garden ecosystem.

So go ahead and plant these companions alongside your strawberries for a fruitful harvest!


1. What are the best companion plants for strawberries?

Some of the BASICLIST and EXTENDEDLIST companion plants for strawberries include strawberry plant, strawberry patch, and companion plant for strawberries. These plants work well alongside strawberries, providing benefits such as attracting pollinators and creating a healthy growing environment.

2. Can strawberries be grown in a raised bed?

Absolutely! Growing strawberries in a raised bed is a popular and effective method. The raised bed provides better drainage, prevents weeds, and allows for easier maintenance. Both BASICLIST and EXTENDEDLIST plants can be planted alongside your strawberry bed to enhance growth and productivity.

3. What are some benefits of companion planting with strawberries?

Companion planting with strawberries has several benefits. It helps improve pollination, control pests, enhance nutrient uptake, and maximize space utilization. By choosing the BASICLIST and EXTENDEDLIST companion plants, you can create an ecosystem that supports the growth and well-being of your strawberries.

4. Which plants are good companions for strawberries?

The BASICLIST and EXTENDEDLIST plants make good companions for strawberries. They include plants that attract beneficial insects, suppress weeds, provide shade, or improve soil conditions. Examples of these plants include companion plant and berry plants.

5. Can I plant strawberries alongside other fruits and vegetables?

Yes, strawberries can be planted alongside various fruits and vegetables. They coexist harmoniously with many plants, and planting them together can maximize the use of garden space. 

6. How do I create a strawberry patch?

To create a strawberry patch, you need to choose a suitable location with well-draining soil and ample sunlight.

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