Warning: Putting Crocs in the Dryer Can Cause a Huge Disaster!

Do you love wearing Crocs and often wonder if there’s an easy way to dry them after washing? Interestingly, while these popular shoes are known for their comfort and durability, they can shrink or warp when exposed to high heat.

This blog post will provide essential information on whether Crocs can be safely dried in the dryer, along with tips to maintain their size and shape. Keep reading for useful insights that’ll help maximize your footwear’s lifespan!

Key Takeaways

  • Crocs, made of a special foam called Croslite, can shrink or change shape when exposed to high heat in the dryer. 
  • Drying Crocs can potentially damage their size and shape, causing them to warp, crack, or shrink your crocs.
  • To safely dry Crocs in the dryer, use a lower heat setting and place them in a laundry bag to protect them from tangling with other items.
  • Alternatively, air drying is a safer option that allows for gentle drying without the risk of damage. Especially when it comes to fuzzy crocs

Understanding Crocs: What They’re Made of

The shoes might crack as they become very dry and brittle from the heat. To keep your pair of Crocs in good shape, you should avoid high temperatures like those found in a hot dryer setting.

Can You Put Crocs in the Dryer?

Putting Crocs in the dryer can potentially lead to risks and affect their size and shape.

Potential risks

Putting Crocs into your dryer can hurt them. Temperatures may make your Crocs warp, melt, or lose their shape. The shoe’s fancy parts could get damaged too. Drying Crocs at high temperatures might also produce a weird chemical smell.

Your crocs may even crack or break if they become overly dry in the dryer. They could shrink and not fit well anymore. You need to be careful about these risks when you are drying your crocs. For more on footwear care, learn how to clean white Converse.

Effect on size and shape

Drying your slippers can harm their size and shape. Remember that temperature might shrink them. This makes them fit poorly on your feet. Your Crocs may also get a weird shape from high temperatures.

They can become bent or twisted. The comfortable design of Crocs could be lost due to this misshaping effect caused by the dryer’s heat. So, make sure you take care not to damage the perfect fit and form of your favorite pair of shoes!

Tips for Drying Crocs in the Dryer

To safely dry Crocs, use a low heat setting and place them in a laundry bag to protect them from tangling with other items.

Right settings

Use a lower heat setting on your dryer for Crocs. This helps to keep them safe from too much heat. High temperatures can cause harm to the shape and size of the shoes. Always check on your Crocs often while they are in the dryer.

This stops them from getting too dry or too hot. You should not let them over-dry because it can cause problems with their form and fit. It is also smart to put your Crocs in a laundry bag before you dry them.

The bag helps protect the shoes and keeps other things from getting tangled up with them in the dryer.

Safeguarding measures

To safely dry your slippers, there are some safeguarding measures you can take. First, make sure to use a low temperature setting to prevent shrinkage and misshaping of your shoes.

Placing your Crocs inside a laundry bag will protect them from getting tangled with other items in the dryer. It’s also important to avoid over-drying your Crocs as excessive dryness can make them brittle and prone to breaking or cracking.

Alternatively, air drying is a safer option that allows for gentle drying without the risk of damage. By following these safeguarding measures, you can ensure that your Crocs stay in good condition while being dried effectively.

Alternatives to Drying Crocs

Instead of using a dryer, you can choose to air-dry your Crocs or expose them to direct sunlight for moisture removal.

Air drying

Air drying is the recommended method for drying Crocs because it is safer and less likely to damage them. To dry them, simply place your Crocs in a well-ventilated area and let them dry naturally.

This allows the moisture to evaporate without exposing the shoes to increased heat or excessive dryness. It’s important to ensure that they are completely dry before wearing them again to prevent any odor or discomfort.

So, instead of using a dryer, choose air drying as a gentle and effective way to dry your Crocs.

For other items that need careful drying, here’s a guide on how to wash a sleeping bag.

Sunlight exposure

Sunlight exposure is not recommended as an alternative to drying Crocs. Direct sunlight or other heat sources can cause Crocs to shrink and lose their shape. It’s best to avoid exposing your Crocs to high temperatures, as this can lead to misshaping and damage.

Instead, consider using other drying methods like air drying or using a shoe dryer with low heat settings. Remember that excessive dryness can also affect the comfort and design of your Crocs, so it’s important to take proper care when drying them.

Special Considerations for Crocs with Fur Liners

When washing crocs with fur liners, use gentle detergents and avoid high heat settings in the dryer.

Washing Tips

To keep your slippers clean and fresh, here are some tips to wash your crocs:

  1. It’s a good idea to use wet wipes to wipe down your Crocs in order to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. If your Crocs have a lining, check the care instructions for specific cleaning recommendations.
  3. For regular Crocs made of Croslite foam material, you can wash them in the washing machine using a gentle detergent.
  4. Put your Crocs in a laundry bag to protect them and prevent tangling with other items in the washer. It’s the safest way to clean them.
  5. Use a low heat setting if you choose to dry your Crocs in the tumble dryer to prevent shrinkage and misshaping.  If you’re wondering about other laundry concerns, check out this article on whether you can dry whites and colors together.
  6. Alternatively, you can air dry your Crocs by placing them in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Drying methods

To safely dry Crocs in the dryer, follow these tips:

  1. Use a low heat setting to prevent shrinkage and misshaping.
  2. Frequently check the Crocs while drying to avoid overheating or excessive drying.
  3. Place the Crocs in a laundry bag to protect them and prevent tangling with other items in the dryer.


In conclusion, it is generally not safe to dry Crocs in the dryer. The high heat and tumbling action can shrink or misshape them, making them uncomfortable to wear. Instead, it’s best to air dry your Crocs or clean them with a damp cloth.

Remember to remove any dirt or debris before drying them. Taking these precautions will help keep your Crocs looking and feeling their best for longer. 

For more laundry tips, especially for preserving the color of your clothes, see how to wash black jeans.


1. Can I put my Crocs in the dryer to dry them?

No, you should not put your Crocs in the dryer because high heat can cause them to shrink.

2. How should I dry my fuzzy or fur-lined Crocs after cleaning?

After washing with soap and water, completely air-dry your Crocs away from direct sunlight. Putting them in a hot car or under a hairdryer could deform their shape.

3. What happens if I use high temperature on my pair of Crocs?

High temperatures from things like a blow-dryer, boot-dryer, dishwasher settings, or even large pot boiling can cause your crocs material – weather it’s classic or leather ones- made of closed-cell resin (Croslite) to shrink.

4. Are there any other ways I can try to fix misshapen or oversized crocs without drying them at high heat?

Yes! You may use thicker socks, and insoles and even seek professional shoe repair fitting services for solutions that don’t risk damaging your footwear.

5. Can putting objects inside the shoes help speed up the drying process and prevent deformation?

You must avoid doing this as foreign objects might lead to internal scratches ruining the comfort and design of Croc’s flexibility; also tangled items inside could harm when placed into driers especially embellishments present.

6. Do all types of Crocs react the same way towards heat-based drying methods like Dryers?

No! For instance, Fuzzy lined (or Mammoth) & fabric softener sheet-cleaned ones require a longer time for air-drying properly than the Classic type; while Leather versions need special care involving spot cleaning/closed-cell resin-focused products which non-experts often overlook.

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